Fellow Moms

Finding Fellow Moms

The other night I went to meet with some fellow Homeschooling Mommas in our community. As we were all getting settled, and introducing ourselves, I came to a funny realization. Whenever Moms meet each other for the first time, the second question we ask each other is, "How many kids do you have?" Every single time. Name, then how many kids do you … [Read more...]

Beating the Rainy Day Blues

Beating the Rainy Day Blues

April showers may bring May flowers, but it's no fun for a Momma to be stuck inside with an active kiddo who is still recovering from his Winter cabin fever. So, I came up with a list of ideas to help you beat those rainy day blues with some easy activities that won't have you expending too much energy. Because we all know that all we really … [Read more...]

Mom Guilt- And Being Enough


Last week I landed myself in the ER with some gastrointestinal issues in an ongoing battle that I have been fighting. Then, about the time I started to recover from that, I got struck with some serious strep throat. This Momma was knocked on her behind. My house became a disaster. My son watched a whole lot of Thomas the Train. I literally … [Read more...]

Living That Mom Life


I've been on the struggle bus this week. Having a 5 year old is no joke. I thought as they got older, it would get easier. But that is just NOT the case. Each year, each stage, comes with their own set of challenges. I feel like as soon as I think I've 'got this whole mom thing down', my little guy switches the flip. It's hard. It's … [Read more...]

Reset a Bad Day


Bad days... We all have them. We may have them a little more often when we have kiddos under 5 in the house. I was having a bad day with my little guy earlier this week. Nothing seemed to satisfy him, and everything else made him mad. When I finally found something that would please him (little prince that he is) I sat down and made this … [Read more...]

The 5 Kids You’ll Meet in Childcare


If you ever volunteer to watch kids: Church Nursery, Mom's Group, what have you- you will meet these kids every.single.time. I have spent years and years working with small children, first babysitting as a teen to working with children as an adult, and I have consistently come face to face with these 5 offenders. 1.) The Cougher- As soon as … [Read more...]



Today I was "That" Mother. The one who rolled her eyes as she dropped her son off in the church nursery because I had just dealt with his 312th tantrum of the morning, and could not wait to sip some coffee and sit in the church service alone. The mother who snuck out a few minutes early to try and go to the bathroom unaccompanied. The … [Read more...]



Sometimes I feel the need to laugh at myself on this crazy parenting journey...I mean, if you don't laugh, you'll cry. Amiright? So, I've decided that on occasion, I'm going to declare #MomTruthMonday where I can share all of the mom truths that I've thought of. Because Momming is hard, and we can all use a giggle every now and again. Here it … [Read more...]

5 Reasons Potty Training is the Absolute Worst

5 Reasons

Potty training...ugh. Of all of the things I've gone through as a parent- potty training ranks right up there at the top of my list of 'least favorite things.' I've compiled a list of reasons why potty training is one of the absolute worst things about parenting that I've experienced thus far: 1.) Poop and pee everywhere. As if changing … [Read more...]

How Having Kids Changes Marriage


Let's be honest. Marriage is work. HARD work. And anyone that says different is a lying liar from liar-ville that lies. It is forever changing. No two days are the same. Early on, your husband will laugh and think it's cute when you roll your eyes at him. On day 1,542, he'll get up and leave the room. The goofy man you married with the sense … [Read more...]