“Fun with Hearts”


Those are my hubby's hands! Thought this was appropriate with V-day right around the corner. My bff took this pic last summer- and I <3 it!!! … [Read more...]

getting organized…


Alright, I have been following everyone getting organized, but have been unable to participate since our house has been turned upside down during our living room remodel. But this was one of the challenges that I could actually get to- number 16 in the:   #16 is  cleaning out and organizing the fridge...which I was in desperate need of … [Read more...]

New Furniture


Hubby and my father-in-law finished up the last coat of stain on the newly re-finished hardwood this afternoon (pics still to come- promise!) With the new floors, we decided to go ahead and order new furniture. We've already got the couch, end-tables, and chairs in transit, all set to arrive within the next 2 weeks. I've been hastily searching for … [Read more...]

Crazy Busy, and Paint Colors


It seems like I haven't posted forever, but I have been crazy busy around here... First off, a close friend of mine just had twins (actually, a gestational carrier had twins for her, because she had to have a hysterectomy due to endo at a young age- she already has two teen children, but her husband has none and they really wanted a baby. They sure … [Read more...]



Alright Bloggy world. I am in charge of throwing my sis-in-laws bridal shower, and I need LOTS of cute and thrifty ideas!!! PLEASE!!! And just because- here's my dress for her wedding in February-   except it's "apple" red. And no- that is NOT me, just the model from the site.  Originally I thought it would be WAY too short, but I'm … [Read more...]

A Little Love!


So, I ran to the dollar tree today to pick up a few random items, when I came across the Valentine's Day decor. I usually don't decorate for this particular holiday, but I'm also new to the world of being crafty! lol So, I picked up a few random items: a glass, some little white rocks, and some heart picks. I came up with this little cutie that I'm … [Read more...]

What the new year brings!

So excited about this upcoming new year. First off, we have been slowly remodeling our house. We did the bathroom this summer, and now we are slowly ripping up all our carpet, and we're going to refinish some pretty beautiful hardwood floors. Then, on to the ugliest room in our house- the laundry room! When we bought this house (4 years ago), it … [Read more...]

Ringing Bells


Today my hubby and I took two of the boys from our youth group and rang bells for the Salvation Army. Me and one of the boys went to our local Kmart, and hubby and the other one went to Big Lots. We rang bells for about 4 hours, and even though we froze our tushies off, it was really an uplifting experience. It was a little hard to keep a 14 … [Read more...]

…Brownies in a Jar!


So, as a gift for a few of my friends and family, I decided to make something cute, and yummy! I got the recipe for the Brownies in a jar, and looked up a few others...soup in a jar, etc. I picked up some adorable Christmas-y jars at the dollar tree, added another dollar tree find- a double ended spatula, and voila! Yummy goodness! I had … [Read more...]

my new present.


I saw something cute last year while at the Chocolate Walk, and pointed it out to my very crafty friend. So, this year for Christmas, I got this little gem: I love the stained glass, and the colors look awesome hanging in my bay window. And get this, she made it herself.  … [Read more...]