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This is not a craft post. This is just one of those things I need to write about- the main reason I started a blog in the first place. If you know my story, you know that my hubby and I have been trying to conceive for 3 years now. We lost a baby almost 2 years ago, and have been unsuccessful ever since. After yet another failed round of clomid, … [Read more...]

Adorable Flowers!


Here's some simple lil projects I've been working on in between working on the living room... First up- in case you didn't already see my Pink Plaid Rosettes...     I've also been making some simple little flowers out of circles of old material that I've got. I actually cut up my prom dress...Yes, my prom dress! But, the last time … [Read more...]

Living Room Update


So, here's what I've been up to in regards to the living room..... Put a bunch of these on the bottoms of our new furniture- we did just refinish those hardwood floors!   Went to town last night and bought a new bookshelf...I've been wanting one for ages.   Made a mess in the living room! (notice the new curtains, which I … [Read more...]


Just a quick note...right now we're hanging our new curtains and we got our surround sound today!!! So excited- now to figure out an accent color to go with our black/brown/tan color palette. I'm thinking teal, while my hubby wants red... we shall see! :-) … [Read more...]

Valentine’s Day!


I had a GREAT V-day, how about all of you?! I would've posted yesterday, but I was spending the day with those adorable twins from my last post. Here's how my day went.... I was gonna wake up and fix my hubby a V-day breakfast, but when I woke up he was gone! (He's off on Mondays). I was sad, thinking he might've had to go to a meeting or … [Read more...]

Valentine’s Gift for my Man


So like all men, my adorable hubby is super hard to buy for. He's not really a card guy either, but I always get him one anyway. I figured this year, I'd make him something more personal than just buying him some chocolate that I would probably just eat anyway. I love those little collections of "Love Coupons" you can buy- but they go for up to … [Read more...]

Catching up!


Whew! Haven't been able to blog in forever! Been a busy bee around here. We've had so many projects going on, so I'll have some posts ready in the next few days. We are gonna have a really busy weekend too, Hubby's sis is getting married, and we're both in the wedding. STRESS! That's okay, I have some pics to show you of what we've been doing with … [Read more...]

My First Award!


When I logged on tonight I was surprised to see that I had a comment from a friend of mine, and she is giving me my first blog award! Woohoo!!! Thanks Lenzey! She is over at Life, Love, and Living in It. She shares her feelings completely and is such an inspiration! Thanks!!! Here's my award: And here's the rules: 1.) Thank and Link back to the … [Read more...]

Coming Along!


Here's an update on the living room- we got our couch last night and I already love the way it looks. The trim is painted and ready to be put up, and we changed out all the old light sockets and light switches. All we need now is to find a rug and new curtains! We should get our tax check sometime next week, so then we're also getting a new t.v.! … [Read more...]

Here it Comes!!!


The first of many posts about my living room! We started a couple of months ago by ripping up our carpets. We found some pretty awesome hardwood underneath, but the previous owners had gotten paint all over it. Since it was before the holidays, we had to live with it like that until we could afford to refinish them. So they started out like … [Read more...]