Apple Cranberry Crisp


So, tonight I decided to try a new recipe...well I decided yesterday, but I was too tired after church last night, so tonight it was. The recipe was for Apple Cranberry Crisp. I love apple crisps, and I've also been doing the Homey Goodness Challenge over at Crazy Domestic. One of the challenges is to make something with apples, so here goes. I … [Read more...]

My Placemat Throw Pillow….


So, I've seen around blogland that people were creating some cute lil throw pillows out of placemats- and I thought, "Even I can do that!" Hee I did! I'm not going to show a tutorial, because my camera was dying, and it was pretty self explainatory. Basically, I took a placemat that was already backed, that I picked up from Wally … [Read more...]

…my lil “beaded tree”


<Note: Notice how much better camera resolutions have gotten over the years, because these pics are terrible!> So, the other "tree" I posted in my last post was a "beaded tree". I got the idea here: Tree! Here's how I made mine...I will mention beforehand that I really like my ribbon tree a lot better, and the blog who I got the idea … [Read more...]

…my lil ribbon tree!


I was looking for some cute decor ideas for Christmas and I came across this one here: Ribbon Trees. I ran with the idea and I came up with one of my own... I started with these materials:  A foam "tree"    Some cute Holiday-y ribbon   and my handy-dandy pink glue gun. (Notice how it's covered in hot glue- as are my … [Read more...]

my homemade wreath!


Not the best pic, but here's my homemade wreath. I got the idea from Crap I've Made. I think this totally works in the Homey Goodness Challenge for "do something creative" and "decorate for the season". I love the glitter ornaments. It would have been bigger, but after I purchased the ornaments, then ran out- twice! I went back to three stores and … [Read more...]

Homey Goodness Checklist!


I'm going to participate in blogging in the Homey Goodness Challenge from Crazy Domestic. I'm going to do some of the items on the list, then blog about them. Wish me luck. Here's the checklist! … [Read more...]



Haven't been able to blog in what seems like forever! Hubby and I came down with the flu over the weekend. We were definitely down for the count! Got to feeling better on Tuesday, and I've just been running around getting stuff ready for Thanksgiving. However, I got to fit a little craftiness in! First, I wanted to make a cake stand to put … [Read more...]

new thanksgiving decor….


Thanks to Craftily Ever After I got these cute prints to put up for Thanksgiving.... I sent them to Wal Mart's website and they were done very quickly at my local Wal Mart. I bought some Dollar Tree black frames, and now I have some cute Thanksgiving decor in a little built in shelf next to my dining room table! Love all the crafty ideas I get … [Read more...]

trying to be a little crafty….


When my hubby and I remodeled out bathroom this summer, we were at a loss as to what we should hang on the wall above the towel bar. We couldn't find any art that matched our gray/brown/black/blue decor, so we made our own...  This isn't the best pic of it, but it was very simple. We just found some scrapbook paper that matched the … [Read more...]

…late night…

I'm a self-proclaimed night owl, so I figured now would be the best time to post while the hubby is off comfortably snoozing in our bed.... So, it's my second day of clomid with no strange side effects...YAY! I was a little worried, never having taken any medication like this. I am so hopeful for this cycle. I know a lot of women don't conceive … [Read more...]