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{This Messy Season and I decided to start a new series together-Tuesday Top 10. In which we are going to share 10 of our favorite things from each week. These can be any 10 things- shows we’re watching, books we’re reading, snacks, beauty products, what have you. It was a lot of fun putting together a list of all the random things we’ve been loving and I hope you keep tuning in to see what we come up with next! }

Still going strong and coming back with our 3rd week of Top Ten Weekly Faves!  

This week has been coooold, and it’s only going to get colder. I think the wind chill tomorrow is going to hit -38 degrees Fahrenheit. BRR! So my number 1 for the week is:

1.) Hanging out around the fireplace. The last 2 weekends we were snowed in, and with this week’s negative wind chills- I’ll be hanging out around the fireplace most of the time. I’ve got a stack of library books ready!

2.) Olive Tapenade Hummus. I buy hummus every week, but Aldi came out with this briny deliciousness a while back and I cannot stop eating it! My favorite way to eat it is on warm Naan or Pita Bread. It’s even good on tortilla chips. Any way you can get it. I don’t have a picture of it…because I already ate it all. (I just bought it Friday…)

3.) My newest antique store find- an old copy of The Last Tycoon by F. Scott Fitzgerald. I’ve been looking for a collection of old books to put on my bookshelf that I mentioned a couple of weeks ago. I was really excited to snag this book for under $5 on one of our antiquing road trips this past Sunday. Keep your eyes open for any old Hemingway, Fitzgerald, Whitman, etc for me to add to my collection!

the last tycoon

4.) I snagged these really cute gold measuring cups and measuring spoons at Target with my Christmas money. Not only do they make cute kitchen decor, they’re also practical. They’re *almost* too pretty to use, but I’ve still been baking with them lately.

measuring cups

5.) Tazo Chai Lattes are one of my favorite drinks to order from Starbucks- and making them at home is waaay cheaper. Especially when you’re making them dairy free. I got a 3 pack of them at Sam’s Club for less than $5 last week. WOOT WOOT! So, I’ve been drinking one pretty much every afternoon when I need a little pick me up of caffeine.

chai latte

6.) I mentioned baking a lot lately- which is one way I pass the time when I’ve got cabin fever. And my favorite thing to bake (and eat!) lately has been this Olive Bread recipe that I found from Love Bakes Good Cakes. It’s a quick and easy recipe that has been perfect for my olive-obsessed cravings. I changed the recipe slightly by using kalamata olives (or a mix of green and kalamata) and using rosemary instead of basil. Once I even tossed in some feta cheese. It was DELISH! So if you’re a bread-making newbie give this recipe a try.

7.) I rarely get the chance to paint my nails- and then when I do I chip it off in a day or 2. But, I have an extensive polish collection and love adding to it. My newest favorite shade has been ‘Barefoot in Barcelona’ by OPI. It’s a terra-cotta-ish pinky neutral color and I’m loving it for Winter. It looks great on my toes too.

8.) Rahua sent over a few styling products to try out and I am OBSESSED with their Voluminous Spray. It gives my hair just the perfect amount of lift and texture, and it looks so shiny and healthy if I use it before blow drying. Stay tuned for my thoughts on the rest of their products!

rahua9.) If you read my post about Bingeworthy Netflix Shows for an Old Soul– you’ve heard of this next one already. But, since I’ve been re-watching it (again!) I have to mention Miss Fisher’s Murder Mysteries {available on Netflix}. It’s set during my favorite time period- the 20’s and she’s an independent murder-solving detective. I also have a little crush on Detective Jack Robinson- just don’t tell my Husband.

10.) This awesome Flash Card craft that This Messy Season made to add to her home decor. I love that she took something so inexpensive and simple and turned it into something meaningful for her home. I’ve been trying to be more intentional in gathering meaningful things to display as decor and this totally inspired me!

flash card

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