Powder Room Renovation

Industrial Farmhouse Powder Room Reno

It seems like every year my Hubby and I undergo some sort of home reno project right before the Holidays. Gluttons for punishment? I think we just really enjoy sprucing up the house for Christmas- but it can cause a few problems. This year we completely renovated our downstairs powder room- and are currently working on finishing up painting … [Read more...]

Compass Modern Stefani Bench

Compass Modern Stefani Bench (1)

I've been promising a family room tour- and it's coming! But, first I wanted to share one of my favorite pieces in the room- one that I searched forever for. I knew I wanted a bench in front of this window. But, I really enjoy¬†the view and the natural light that the window lets in. I wanted the bench to have a back, but most were too high … [Read more...]

Welcome to Our Back Yard

Welcome to Our Back Yard

When we went house hunting earlier this year, we knew we wanted a great back yard. One that would be large enough for entertaining, have decent landscaping, and have plenty of room for a certain little boy to explore. We also knew we wanted to live in a neighborhood, so we were faced with a challenge. When we looked at this house, and saw this back … [Read more...]

The Dining Table of My Dreams

The Dining Table of My Dreams

I HAVE INTERNET! Honestly one of the hardest parts of moving is that you don't have time for a life for awhile with all of the cleaning and the unpacking. The second hardest part was waiting for our internet to be switched over. But, seriously. We still have a ton of work to do, and hours upon hours of painting ahead of us. But, we're … [Read more...]

Christmas Bedroom on a Budget


I love decorating for the Holidays- it's one of my favorite things to do. But, for some reason, I have never really included my bedroom in the decorating. Crazy, right? However, spending money on Christmas decor when I'm already spending like crazy felt wrong to me somehow. That's why I decided to share with you how I decorated my bedroom for the … [Read more...]