Life Update


I thought I'd give a little update on our lives and why I haven't posted as often: -We're packing. We have an accepted offer on our house and are currently looking for our next home. We haven't fallen in love with *the one* yet, but we have a few we like. -Sickness. I was in the ER 3 weeks ago. The next week I got strep throat. And next week … [Read more...]

Home for Sale

Another little life update on what's happening in our neck of the woods... We decided to take a chance and put our house on the market. With Hubby's promotion, he's working more and he is already¬†based about 45 minutes away from us. He's spending a lot more time 2 hours north of us as well, so we thought moving a little closer would be in our … [Read more...]

That Time of Year


It's here- our bi-annual appointment with little man's neurosurgeon. It's usually a quick appointment, they check his head and note any changes. The last couple of years were really easy, but now we're getting to the time in which they said he may need another surgery. I'm terrified thinking of him having to undergo this procedure, especially being … [Read more...]

Life Update

Sometimes I forget the reason I even started this blog was to share our every day life, struggles, etc. I get caught up in the motherhood posts, and skincare, and forget to even write about our lives in general. That stops now- this began as an outlet for me to share our story, and it shall be again. Not every day- but on occasion, I want to update … [Read more...]