Bloggers Getting Fit: Making Fitness Fun


This week my #fabFITbloggers group is sharing the ways that we make fitness fun. My favorite way to encourage myself to get a workout in, is rewarding myself with "me time." I tell myself if I run for 20 minutes, I can sneak in a nap later, or an hour with a good book, a soak in the tub, etc. Self care begets self care. In the end I've worked … [Read more...]

Friendship in Motherhood

Friendship in Motherhood

As we transition into motherhood, our friendships change form and become something different entirely. Before this life where we were ruled by tiny dictators- we had ladies nights, long phone conversations, spa days- we pulled all nighters, and slept all day. We took weekend getaways, late lunches, and shopped until we dropped. Spent ridiculous … [Read more...]

A Little Perspective


Sometimes I get grouchy, downright grumpy. I get in these moods and pretty much everything ticks me off. Every time I open the fridge, something dumps out all over the floor. My pile of laundry is forever growing larger, overwhelming me every time I open my closet. My bathroom sink leaks with a constant drip, drip, drip. As I opened my kitchen … [Read more...]

Loving My Actual Life


I know it's a Holiday, but I still wanted to do a #MommyMonday post. This month I'm combining my Book Review with a Mommy Monday post. Because, as moms, when we actually have the time to sit down and read a book (or stand at the counter and stir dinner while reading, or hide in the bathroom and read a book...) we want to make sure it's a good … [Read more...]

Once You Start Getting a Full Night of Sleep

Once You Start Getting a Full Night of Sleep

Once you start getting a full night of sleep after those early infant days, the world suddenly blooms around you. The sun shines brighter, your children seem nicer, and your Husband looks more appealing. You lose that blurry haze that seemed to surround your thoughts and actions for months upon months (sometimes years!). Your ability to have … [Read more...]



Today I was "That" Mother. The one who rolled her eyes as she dropped her son off in the church nursery because I had just dealt with his 312th tantrum of the morning, and could not wait to sip some coffee and sit in the church service alone. The mother who snuck out a few minutes early to try and go to the bathroom unaccompanied. The … [Read more...]

Pink Blush Review and Giveaway

Espresso Shot

My fellow Momma's all know that once you have kids, your body feels different. And finding clothing that fits our new body comfortably and still looks stylish is not an easy task. That's where Pink Blush comes in. They are a women's online boutique that has an amazing selection of cute dresses and transitional clothing that fits during pregnancy … [Read more...]

A List of the Modern Mom’s Playdate Worries

Since 1931

The modern mom's playdate worries stem from the playdates of our childhood. Here's a peek into what a Playdate looks like today, as opposed to the one's when we were children. The morning of a Playdate today: -Make sure the house is clean enough that it doesn't seem dirty- but messy enough that it doesn't look like you're showing off. Scrub … [Read more...]



Sometimes I feel the need to laugh at myself on this crazy parenting journey...I mean, if you don't laugh, you'll cry. Amiright? So, I've decided that on occasion, I'm going to declare #MomTruthMonday where I can share all of the mom truths that I've thought of. Because Momming is hard, and we can all use a giggle every now and again. Here it … [Read more...]



Yesterday I started my own Facebook Mom's Group. 'Mrs. Bishop's Mom-munity' will be a place where all different types of moms can come together and support each other in the trenches of motherhood. Where we can share our parenting highs and lows. Lift each other up when we feel like we're failing, and give one another a high five when we experience … [Read more...]