Sausage, Spinach, and Ricotta Stuffed Shells


I've been pretty busy lately, Baby B's birthday is coming up next month, and it always seems like a rush a few weeks after Christmas. And with my Mam passing away, we've had a lot to deal with. But, I'm trying to keep up. This recipe I kind of made up, and I pretty much change it every time I make it, but the base recipe remains the same. I made … [Read more...]

Super Delicious Hot Chocolate


I LOVE Hot Chocolate. I love any chocolate, but is there really anything better on a cold night that super rich, hot, creamy, whipped creamy hot chocolate? Not in my world! I don't make this kind very often, because it is very rich. But, when I need that pick me up, I whip up a batch. It's super simple to make, and very yummy. I always keep the … [Read more...]

Cranberry Fluff


  In my family, on my Dad's side, we always have a side dish at Thanksgiving and Christmas that I like to call cranberry fluff. My Grandma calls it cranberry sauce, some call it cranberry salad, but it will forever be cranberry fluff to me. If you like the sweet tartness of cranberries, this is the dish for you. It is VERY simple, and is … [Read more...]

The Ghost of Posts Past…Brownies in a Jar!


I posted this 2 years ago, but I love the idea of the "Gifts in a Jar". There are so, so, so many on Pinterest. But, a couple of years ago, there was no pinterest. Here was my take on jar gifts! So, as a gift for a few of my friends and family, I decided to make something cute, and yummy! I got the recipe for the Brownies in a jar, and looked up a … [Read more...]

Egg-celent Egg Salad!


Do you ever have a bunch of eggs that are going to go bad in a day or two??? I always do. I love to bake, so always keep a lot of eggs on hand, but sometimes they end up going to waste. Though they are pretty cheap, wasted eggs are money down the drain. So, last night hubby requested that I make him some egg salad to take in his lunch...the man … [Read more...]

Crock Pot Chicken and Dumplings!


Who doesn't love a crock pot meal? I know I do, especially with a baby, it's so much easier to have dinner done on time, without having to do a lot of work. One of my favorites is Crock Pot Chicken and Dumplings. It's super easy, and I change up the recipe every time and it always turns out delicious. The best part about this recipe? You start … [Read more...]

My Favorite Pumpkin Bread!


I mean really, is there anything better than warm pumpkin bread slathered in butter- at any time of the day? I think not. I have been making this recipe for years, and it always turns out great. In my opinion, it's got the perfect amount of spice and sweetness, it's utterly delicious. So here goes: In a mixing bowl you cream butter and … [Read more...]

More Tasty Pumpkin Treats


So this weekend I decided to go ahead and try some more pinterest pumpkin recipes, and since we're the youth group leaders at our church, I tested them on the kids! Ha-ha-ha! The two recipes I decided to try were 2 ingredient pumpkin muffins, and pumpkin puppy chow. First the muffin recipe: the original site it came from was here. You basically add … [Read more...]

Pumpkin Pie Pudding


Excuse the numerous amounts of pumpkin recipes that may be posted over the next week- I'm kind of obsessed! Let me first start off by saying, I am addicted to Pinterest and it has only worsened my obsession with pumpkin flavored things. I have been pinning like mad the last few days, and most of my pins have been fall recipes. The first pumpkin … [Read more...]